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intervention. I take my ovulation tests at 2-2:30 each day after stopping all drinking after 10 (with

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In Ontario, the NDP received only slightly more votes than the Liberals and they were both well back of the Conservatives

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This device requires you to blow into a breathalyzer test every time you turn your ignition

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But if you have an HSA, you cannot also have an FSA.

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How did you get yours to finally capitulate? I’ve tried buying the expensive imported Italian stuff in olive oil and everything — no luck

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Herbal supplements do not have the scientific studies backing their effectiveness or safety that prescription drugs have

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to eliminate population stratification and other possible sources of bias So what’s so bad about

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Rather than thinking in terms of limitations and restrictions, consider your budget and your healthy eating goals as framework within which you can redefine your old eating habits

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